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Middleton was a restaurant located in Menteng Central Mini Shopping Mall in Central Jakarta, offering contemporary food and a jovial experience to its consumers. It was hit during the pandemic and had to stop running for 2 years. After the situation is now getting better, Middleton revives with different rebranding concept.


The concept in mind is a Southern-American serving restaurant, plays a rather casual hang-out dining space.


Identity & Branding


Middleton Casual Dininig




Menteng as the center of history, culture, art, and high-society.

Menteng was also considered as the old Metropole of Jakarta.

In the old days, it had many similarities with many big old cities in America. The resemblance of these two in terms of lifestyle 

back in that era is nostalgic.

It’s an open secret in Jakarta, to see if one is a blue-blood (or just extremely well-off) is to see if one owns a residence in Menteng. If he does he most probably has connections to the blue blood. Everyone who is someone must come from, or ends up in this prestigious area.

That's the reason why we'd like to add the element of aristocracy in this restaurant & bar that is located right heart of Menteng. It's sort of like the hidden gem of where the members of a secret society of the aristocrats and nobility would meet and hang out. Thus, the name "Middleton" - also inspired by the name of one of the most inspiring member of monarchy in the history ever.

Let's Meet in the Middle-ton

Everything gets better in the middle. In Jakarta, where it's tough for friends to get anywhere because of the traffic jam, it's always wise to have this old saying "Let's meet somewhere in the middle."


Middle-sharing is also a common Asian thing to do in a restaurant. Everyone could get something they like, but and then share it with everyone - that way, you could also taste the others food and enjoy a mix of everything.

Stationary & Attributes

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