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Caffè Tutti

Tutti is an Italian word that literally means all or everyone. ​

In this narrative, we’d like to give the idea of togetherness and merry encounter when people share good moments with each other.​


Branding, Print & Environmental


Api Metra Boga




Api Metra Boga is a company engaged in Food & Beverages. Some of the F&B owned by The AMB Group are AMUZ Fine Dining, ​

APREZ Catering & Cafe, ARTOZ Bar, and other B2B business.​


Caffè Tutti was a restaurant located at The Energy Building SCBD in South Jakarta, offering modern Italian food and bakery. It was supposed to open in 2020, but soon after the pandemic hits, the renovation must be put off.


After the pandemic, the group realizes that the market has now got new waves of spirit for dining, as it becomes something that was totally reborn and revolutionary. Gathering and meeting people is becoming more exciting and merrier. 

The concept in mind is an Italian serving restaurant, plays a rather comfort Italian deli & hang-out meet-up space.


The Logo

The 8-angled star with triangular shapes on each of its polygon is an asterisk. It functions as exclamation point when something is exciting, a code for something important, but also a symbol of fun moments like burst of laughters, the square tables in Italian cafes, and the shared moment of togetherness.

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